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Perfect vacation

Coffee, shades and the beach
To be happy in life
What else do you need?!
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A New Life

I took a leap
Fell flat on the face
Picked up and put on the death bed
Breathing gets heavy
No one to resuscitate
I lie there, waiting for the imminent
Praying for the death
And boom
I'm still unconscious
Breathing is still heavy
And a slap on the back
I cry
Pangs of birth

For A Friend

The whiff of strong coffee Was enough to light up that flame The flame of love The flame of friendship The flame of camaraderie Amid those breaks Those girlie talks Those fun times What we not really realized Was the bond of love The bond of friendship The bond of camaraderie Life makes a move Like pawns we adjust To meet at another crossroads of life
To get high on another cuppa

A Long Shot

Meek, timid and lonely soul
I, Speck, take the sidewalk in the world of words
Boisterous, Gigantic words push and shove me
On the road less travelled
I bump into a group of meaningless wanderers
And turn Spectacular

Casual Conversation

I love those talkative eyes and silent lips
I love the way you move and flirt with your looks
You seem to glide or is it that you fly?
How could you look so good,
Please justify
"Look deeper, the soul is prettier than I"

Time Flies

Sometimes amid coffee sips;
We sat, saying nothing;
Sometimes there wasn’t enough time;
Sometimes there were little little big things;
Sometimes there were sweet nothings;
Calendar says it’s been 8 years;
I feel 8 months