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Changing life

I lived life
I loved life
In life, I looked for love
Now in love, I'm looking for life

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Riding A Cycle Of Awareness

Here's a success story. Not the rags-to-riches kinds, but of achieving the unthinkable. Neither their lack of years nor their address -- they belong to the slum areas -- has been able to stop them. This bunch of little angels from Janta Colony and Adarsh Nagar in Nayagaon, who're anywhere between nine and 14 years of age, has managed to improve the health status of other slum kids.
And for all the hard work they put in since May, the youngsters have earned smart bicycles. They will be felicitated on Sunday, the birthday of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, who wanted to create responsible citizens out of children. And, here's a group he would've been proud of.
Older children looking after the little ones' health might have sounded like an unachievable task but then Gurpreet Singh, assistant director of NGO Developing Indigenous Resources (DIR), came up with the novel idea two years ago. Today, it has turned out to be one of the most successful projects and the NGO's chief…

A Long Shot

Meek, timid and lonely soul
I, Speck, take the sidewalk in the world of words
Boisterous, Gigantic words push and shove me
On the road less travelled
I bump into a group of meaningless wanderers
And turn Spectacular

Perfect vacation

Coffee, shades and the beach
To be happy in life
What else do you need?!