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Coffee Date

I steal time to be with you
coz you stole my heart... years ago
We still meet like lovers...
Everyday I wait
for our little coffee date

Time travel: Those were the days

Fiery 50s
A truly black ‘n’ white era, the 1950s was a time of recovery. While the world was licking its WW-II wounds, India had just gotten used to the idea of freedom. As the Indian Constitution came into effect in January 1950, a wave of optimism swept the country. It was a simple life, peppered with fond viewing of cinema that was largely dominated by the likes of Suraiya, Madhubala, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor. Nargis-starrer Mother India caught the imagination of the entire nation as it became the ultimate saga of sacrifice and a salute to womanhood. There were golden oldies like Awara, Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje, Shree 420 and Kagaz Ke Phool. Then came the watershed moment in Indian cinema; Satyajit Ray released Pather Panchali in ’55. And who can forget the charisma and magnetism of the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, who continues to be worshipped by music lovers across the globe. The Italian beauty, Sophia Loren, became the ultimate diva for movie buffs, who w…

Women give family life a thumbs up

In the man’s world, as they call it, it’s a mad race. Once you’re off the bus, it’s tough to get back on it. But unlike her male counterpart, even the most fiercely competitive woman is a mother, a caregiver, first. Driven by this instinct, there are some happy mommies who have said glad goodbyes to full-time jobs so that they could be with their kids.

‘‘I want the best for my son and that includes ‘sanskar’, which only parents can inculcate. Being a perfectionist, I wanted to give 100% to both my family and work. But the two things don’t go together. So, I gave up my career altogether for my top priority, my 12-year-old son,’’ says Dr Anjali Kashyap, a radiologist.

Searching for harmony, MBA Monica Shukla feels, ‘‘Balancing home and work is an art that decides our level of happiness. I think I have achieved it to some extent. The moment I first held my bundle of joy, my motherly instinct told me to give her the best. Thank God for a work-from-home opportunity that came my way. Now,…