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A Long Shot

Meek, timid and lonely soul
I, Speck, take the sidewalk in the world of words
Boisterous, Gigantic words push and shove me
On the road less travelled
I bump into a group of meaningless wanderers
And turn Spectacular

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Coffee, shades and the beach
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Women give family life a thumbs up

In the man’s world, as they call it, it’s a mad race. Once you’re off the bus, it’s tough to get back on it. But unlike her male counterpart, even the most fiercely competitive woman is a mother, a caregiver, first. Driven by this instinct, there are some happy mommies who have said glad goodbyes to full-time jobs so that they could be with their kids.

‘‘I want the best for my son and that includes ‘sanskar’, which only parents can inculcate. Being a perfectionist, I wanted to give 100% to both my family and work. But the two things don’t go together. So, I gave up my career altogether for my top priority, my 12-year-old son,’’ says Dr Anjali Kashyap, a radiologist.

Searching for harmony, MBA Monica Shukla feels, ‘‘Balancing home and work is an art that decides our level of happiness. I think I have achieved it to some extent. The moment I first held my bundle of joy, my motherly instinct told me to give her the best. Thank God for a work-from-home opportunity that came my way. Now,…